Why People Don’t Heal

There are many reasons why people don’t heal. Some blocks to healing are emotional or spiritual and can be overcome. Sometimes illnesses have genetic components that resist healing until gene therapies advance. Emotional blocks to healing can be subconscious or conscious. Here are some examples of blocks to healing that I find frequently during intuitive readings on clients with autoimmune illnesses.

Probably the most common block to healing is psychological reversal, which literally means one’s energy runs backwards or scrambles when one thinks about healing. A client will say in all sincerity that they want to heal, but when I energy test the veracity of that statement, their body contradicts their stated intention when tested with applied kinesiology, also known as “muscle testing.” That doesn’t mean they’re lying, it means there is an inner conflict that needs to be settled before their body/mind will align itself with healing.

Psychological reversals are common in people trying to lose weight. If their body/mind knows that the last time they were thin or small or attractive, bad things happened, the body/mind will keep them heavy to protect them and help them survive. When clearing reversals, part of the process is to address the body/mind to say some version of, “thank you for protecting me with all this protective weight. I’m an adult and I can protect myself now, you can go off-duty, I’ll handle it from here…” With an autoimmune disease, the energetic signatures are usually more unique to the individual, but at any rate, as we learned with the ACE Study in my first article in this series, long-term stress and unresolved trauma can cause the immune system and body to break down.

I look at psychological reversals as a disagreement between the mind and heart or soul. This is where secondary gain commonly shows up. Secondary gain means getting mileage out of being sick and frequently involves manipulating and controlling others to cater to the one who is sick. Maybe someone only got attention that felt like love from a parent when they were sick, so they use their illness to get attention from others. That pattern, if it goes on long enough, invites the victim/martyr archetype to take hold, further strengthening the hold of the illness.

Psychological reversals need to be cleared before healing can move forward, whether there is a physical illness or an emotional problem. Reversals can be general, sort of one-size-fits –all, such as “I don’t deserve to be healed” or unique to the individual, such as “My husband will leave me if I get well.” Here’s a partial list of some of the most common general reversals:

I don’t want to heal/change. ( The number one reversal, resistance to change, even positive change.)

It’s not right for me to heal.

I don’t deserve to heal.

Bad things will happen if I heal.

I won’t allow myself to heal.

I won’t do what I have to do to heal. (This is the self-sabotage reversal.)

I’ll have to step up to the plate and take control of my life if I heal.

I’m afraid of how my life will change if I heal.

I’ll have to forgive people in order to heal.

I’m too angry to heal.

I need to punish myself.

I need to punish others.

Other people won’t like it if I heal.

Things might get worse if I heal.

People won’t take care of me anymore if I heal.

I don’t know how to get over this.

It’s impossible for me to heal.

If any of these reversals resonate, take it one step further. Go inner, and ask yourself this diagnostic question: “What or who does this issue remind me of?” The answer indicates what you might need to heal and forgive to stop the ongoing damage to your body/mind that is created when we carry negative emotional baggage.

EFT and energy healing techniques reboot the body/mind. Anything you can do to relieve the toxic emotional or physical load will support healing.

If anyone missed the free 5-page list of diagnostic metaphors mentioned in my second column, please send me an email with the word “metaphors” in the subject line.

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  1. This. Is. Epic. I just realized that you can have all the faith in the world, and trust the world will bring good things, but it means nothing if you deep deep deep deep down believe that you don’t deserve good things. In fact you fear opening to good things at this point just because it’s so unfamiliar a territory because that is synonymous with opening your self love. it’s crazy how much your brain can tell you such a different story than your true deep holding beliefs feelings. (Aka denial and haste)

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