Intuitive Behaviorist®

An Intuitive Behaviorist® identifies, excavates and guides clients to self-heal the roots of emotional trauma and dysfunctional beliefs which may, in the long-term, trigger illness.

Clients suffering from trauma, especially those who have been failed by the conventional mental health drug and therapy model, will find supportive guidance and facilitated self-healing at their own pace. The combination of spiritual gifts that incorporate accurate medical intuitive guidance and holistic Energy Psychology self-healing techniques allow clients, perhaps for the first time, to heal deeply. My job is to first help them find the trailhead and then assist them as we walk it together.

I am not a physician, psychologist or licensed counselor, however several physicians refer their patients to me. For several years I have taught CE (continuing education credit) workshops in California for licensed mental health counselors on how to more effectively find the roots of and treat trauma using techniques in the research-based field of Energy Psychology.