What’s on Your Hard Drive?

There’s nothing more important that we can do for our present health and future happiness and well being than self-heal the viruses and stealth programs on our internal hard drive. According to the landmark ACE Study, (Adverse Childhood Experiences, www.acestudy.org) there is a strong graded correlation between our personal body/mind storehouse of toxic unhealed childhood trauma and the manifestation into life-threatening illness in adulthood. To calculate your own risk, go to the bottom of the ACE Study home page and click on the link to the 10-question risk assessment. If your score is 4 or below, your risk is probably relatively low, although with any score one has to figure in their genetic family history as well. If your score is in the mid-range, you’re vulnerable to illness and if the score is 8, 9 or 10, you’re at high risk of developing a life-threatening illness in adulthood. Can the biological march toward illness be stopped with deep healing? I believe it many cases it can.

Keep in mind that the risk assessment is a tally of not only your exposure to life-altering trauma, ie. what happened to you, but also the fearful, hurtful, shaming, negative, limiting beliefs , ie. what did you come to believe? These virus programs are installed, sometimes unintentionally, by parents, teachers, the church, relationships, etc. They take up valuable space in our lives, siphon energy we need to create and to heal and are literally baggage, dragging us down. In the long-term, they hold us back from achievement of our full creative potential and can steal our health, happiness, self-confidence and personal power. Read more about how to self-heal your hard drive on the Articles page.