Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

“EFT” also known as “tapping” is an emotional healing technique that uses the same meridian energy system as is used in acupuncture. Meridians are energy pathways similar to an invisible circulatory system that was charted thousands of years ago by the Chinese. According to many ancient healing methods, blocked or disrupted energy flow caused by emotional or physical trauma needs to be corrected to restore health and emotional balance. Instead of stimulating the points using needles, blockages are removed by tapping with the fingers on acupressure points while bringing to mind the pain or problem.

EFT works quickly for some kinds of pain, as well as fears, phobias and other negative and limiting emotional states. Addictions and certain complex emotional conditions may require multiple sessions and/or conventional psychiatric or psychological treatment by a licensed mental health clinician.

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For more information and testimonials on the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique and meridian based therapies, see http://www.eftuniverse.com. EFT is in use by millions of people worldwide. A license is not required to use, facilitate or teach EFT. It’s safe and effective, even for children or surrogate use on animals.