Trauma Expert

The Hidden Impact of Unhealed Trauma on Body and Mind*

Specializing in trauma came about very early in my practice. Every client had direct cause/effect links between what happened to them, (*whether it was 40 minutes or 40 years ago,) and how trauma, especially in childhood, ricocheted damage through their health, relationships, finances and lives.

Many trauma survivors seek out alternative practitioners like myself because, for a variety of reasons, they have not healed despite months or years of conventional psychological treatment or psychiatric/drug interventions. Two local integrative physicians (see testimonials page) refer patients to me. I also refer clients to them and other licensed clinicians when needed.

Trauma, Shock and the ACE Study

Trauma can be deeply life altering and it routinely undermines immunity which can lead to a cold or a fatal illness. It can strike anyone at any time and from many sources. Depending on one’s trauma history and level of resilience, (inner emotional sturdiness) which unhealed trauma undermines, what is experienced as a panic attack trigger for person A, for example, may not even be noticed by person B.

Sometimes trauma hits unexpectedly like an energetic lightning strike and becomes shock. Shock can be a phone call or a knock at the door bringing news of the death of a loved one, being the victim of a crime, receiving a serious medical diagnosis or a news report of terrorism. It generally presents as a perception of threat to survival or serious injury of self or others. The emotional devastation of shock can leave one feeling emotionally shut down and numb, as if time stopped.

Safety and Outcome

As a survivor of significant emotional trauma myself, I’ve gained a deep and compassionate understanding of the struggle to overcome complex trauma. The children, adults, first responders and combat veterans I’ve coached have responded to my work relatively quickly, painlessly and have healed deeply. Although my field, “energy psychology” is research-based and one of our modalities, Thought Field Therapy, (TFT) has gained “evidence-based” certification, I rate the quality of any healing work in terms of outcome. The vast majority of my clients regain their sense of safety and control, power, identity and voice. In many cases their sleep and general health improves. Many report that excess weight that has stubbornly resisted diets and exercise melts away. In some cases, persistent physical issues rooted in emotional trauma and which resisted conventional treatment have disappeared in hours or days. Research is important, but safe, effective outcomes are the bottom line in any healing profession.

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