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Sessions are 90 minutes long, either by phone or in-person. The first step with each new client is a written intuitive reading, knowing only the client’s name and age. The session begins with a brief prayer and set an intention for healing and for the highest good for the client. Sue scans the client’s chakra system and the bioenergetic field around them. The reading or intuitive “scan” is typed in one to one and a half pages of single spaced text and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After the scan is completed, the client and Sue go over it together, connecting the dots between what Sue picked up intuitively and what they remember. If they can’t remember their childhood or have no recall of a specific trauma, sometimes Sue can pick up what happened. An intuitive scan will usually reveal the root cause(s) of emotional patterns, phobias and sometimes an emotional root of a physical illness. The majority of Sue’s readings are 90 -100% accurate.

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