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Updated Policies: As of January 1, 2019 these policy changes are in effect:

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My sessions, whether for a reading or healing, are 90-minutes via Zoom or FaceTime. The fee is $350. The first session includes a written (Word doc) reading, which is required for all new clients. I only want your name and age in order to do the intuitive reading or “scan,” so please do not share any specific issues prior to the reading.

All initial sessions for new clients as well as healing sessions are the same length and price unless there are special circumstances worked out in advance with me.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation. Fill out the form below and choose that option from the drop down menu.

The initial session includes a written intuitive assessment (a reading) that takes the first 30 minutes. All I need to do that reading is your written consent, your name, and age. The remaining 60 minutes is spent taking history and correlating it to the reading, which forms a blueprint for healing emotional or spiritual wounds/patterns and related physical issues if any.

If you would like to schedule a reading, please fill out the forms below and return them, then make your payment.  When those documents and payment is received you will be contacted to make your phone or Zoom appointment.

Due to other demands on my time, (writing, teaching, public speaking) I am unable to offer a sliding scale. After discussing the initial reading and your history with you and assessing your needs, I may refer you to a list of experienced colleagues who also work with trauma and use techniques in the research-based field of Energy Psychology, (not to be confused with the licensed mental health field of psychology.) These colleagues also belong to our international professional association, You can review an abbreviated list of the latest research here.

I am not a licensed mental health professional nor a physician. I do not accept nor bill for insurance. My services are offered as an Intuitive Behaviorist®, spiritual advisor, healer and coach. See my bio, here.

I look forward to your feedback and questions on my blog or you may contact me here.

Warm regards,
Sue Hannibal

Sessions include

Sessions are 90 minutes long, either by phone or in-person. The first step with each new client is a written intuitive reading, knowing only the client’s name and age. The session begins with a brief prayer and set an intention for healing and for the highest good for the client. Sue scans the client’s chakra system and the bioenergetic field around them. The reading or intuitive “scan” is typed in one to one and a half pages of single spaced text and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After the scan is completed, the client and Sue go over it together, connecting the dots between what Sue picked up intuitively and what they remember. If they can’t remember their childhood or have no recall of a specific trauma, sometimes Sue can pick up what happened. An intuitive scan will usually reveal the root cause(s) of emotional patterns, phobias and sometimes an emotional root of a physical illness. The majority of Sue’s readings are 90 -100% accurate.

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