The Art and Science of Body/Mind Transformation

Welcome! I’m Sue Hannibal.

I’m happy you’re here. You probably found my site because like millions of others, you’re looking for answers and solutions–about what happened to you, why it happened, why you are the way you are as a result, and how to finally heal. I can provide those answers and that healing. Here’s how it can change your life and impact your health.

I use the analogy of an internal hard drive; everybody has one. Our life and to some degree our health is governed by the programming on it, good or bad. Someone with a lot of “viruses” on their hard drive is going to have a more difficult time in life and according to the landmark ACE Study, (Adverse Childhood Experiences,) may become ill. To see your personal ACE score take the 10-question ACE assessment here.

Is my work a good match for you?

The marketing strategy of “branding” is challenging because when you’ve resisted conventional thinking and colored outside the lines all your life as I have, common labels like “healer” and “intuitive” don’t tell the whole story.

Here’s the main menu of the skills I have used for nearly 20 years to help thousands of civilian and military clients heal from trauma and which set my work apart from conventional mental health treatment methods:

  • Intuitive Behaviorist: A menu of clairvoyant abilities enables me to accurately access a client’s energy field in person or at a distance, (with consent only) and then connect the emotional blueprint I perceive to the written “trauma timeline” they provide to me after the reading.
  • Spiritual Counselor aka Spiritual Director:  Spiritual coaching based on universal law as well as foundational spiritual principles helps clients connect or re-connect with the Divine as they understand it, outside the confines of religious dogma.
  • Iraq Veteran Heals Having Witnessed Murder/Suicide At Age 10 with EFT

    Holistic Trauma Healer/Coach/Teacher: I have nearly 20 years of experience in private practice using and teaching EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique as well as using several other safe, efficient, non-traumatizing self-healing techniques in the field of Energy Psychology. One method, TFT, Thought-Field Therapy, a close cousin of EFT, is designated “evidence-based.”

Back to my brand—the most accurate job description I could come up with is “intuitive behaviorist®.” That means you and I enter into a partnership for assessment, healing, and restoration. I hold the spiritual flashlight, we enter the darkness together and you emerge empowered and at peace.