Change agent: Creative thinker who thrives on reinventing

Are you a change agent also? The world needs more of us creative types, but sometimes the hierarchy in companies and stuffy institutions are less than thrilled with innovative independent thinkers. They accuse us of upsetting the status quo apple cart, and they would be right. In that case, we do an end run around the opposition and become independent authors, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Fortunately, assisted by our websites, social media, TED talks and YouTube, this entrepreneurial transition is not difficult.

For years clients have commented that my work, which combines highly accurate medical intuition, spiritual guidance and Energy Psychology healing techniques is not only effective, for many it’s been life-changing. The Amazon reviews for my book, Spiritual Compass, echo similar sentiments.

I looked up the definition of “change agent” and found this list under “how the world sees you.”

  • Power, innovation, passion
  • Independent, witty, and sharp
  • Strong drive to come up with a different approach
  • Brings alternative opinions to dull meetings and fresh ideas to stale companies
  • Not afraid to be different
  • Naturally curious personality, fearless in your approach

And on the negative side:

  • Not a fan of deadlines and step-by-step processes
  • More excited about instigating new plans than finishing them

I’m ok with deadlines; as a former magazine columnist I met them every month. However in kindergarten I got a “D” for running with scissors. When you’re a visionary change agent and can see the outcome of the big picture, going step-by-step feels like death-by-power point. So change agents can be impatient—I admit it…