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Version Date: January 01, 2019


The information posted on this website and accompanying videos or other instructional downloads, newsletters, webinars, blog posts, etc. is for general education. It is intended to inform the reader about alternative/complementary and other holistic mind/body energy healing methods. Some of these methods, for example, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, (acupressure tapping) have been extensively researched and published in peer-reviewed journals.


HERE is a link to the research page for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, www.energypsych.org, one of several international professional organizations that conduct scientific research studies and offer training in energy-based healing techniques in the field of “Energy Psychology.”


This website is not to be construed as psychological or medical advice and is not to be considered a replacement for any medical, psychiatric, or psychological diagnosis, care, or treatment of any kind.


Intuitive readings or scans, medical intuition, and energy-based holistic healing methods are part of the broad field of Alternative/Complimentary Medicine, which the State of California does not license, certify or require registration of practitioners.


Sue Hannibal is not a licensed mental health professional nor a physician. She does not accept nor bill for insurance. Her services are offered as an Intuitive Behaviorist®, spiritual advisor, energy healer, and coach.


Sue does not provide medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, or any other licensed healthcare provider-level services in her sessions, training classes, or on this website. She offers spiritually discerned, highly accurate spiritual guidance to her clients as well as professional coaching and guided self-healing skills in the “Energy Psychology” toolbox.