Physician Referrals and Endorsements

I met Sue Hannibal via a mutual online friend. She asked me to view a short YouTube video on her website showing her 2004 work with an Iraq veteran who had witnessed a murder/suicide at age 10 that triggered him into PTSD at age 20, then explained the healing method used was EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques aka “tapping.”

During one of our conversations, she asked if I’d like a quick EFT sample so I could experience the release of a traumatic memory with EFT. She cautioned that this phone demo NOT be the worst thing that had ever happened to me.

I picked a recurring memory from 50 years ago when I attended one of the top music conservatories in the nation. This incident took less than one minute in real time 50 years ago, yet still brought up deeply imprinted shock, anger, humiliation, embarrassment and betrayal. The trauma penetrated deeply into my body/mind where it simmered, ricocheting anguish into situations that I had no idea were connected until Sue pointed out the “energetic signatures” or connecting themes.

For example, I turned down numerous requests to attend the 50th class reunion in order to protect myself from having to revisit this traumatic time in my life that still carried an intense emotional “sting.”

After explaining this episode to Sue, she coached me through an EFT tapping session on the phone that took about three minutes. She first instructed me on the emotional release tapping points on my face, torso and hands that correspond to the meridians (energy pathways) in the Chinese acupuncture system. She directed me to repeat my college story while stimulating the points by tapping on each one several times with a couple of fingers.

Before we started she asked me to rate my level of emotional charge, in this case rage. I said “about a nine,” on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most painful or intensely charged. She said, “just tell me the story while we tap.” She guided me to acknowledge my anger and the injustice of what happened, and that the punishment for my mistake didn’t fit the crime. She said, and I repeated while continuing to tap, “that was then, this is now.”  As I progressed through the tapping and talking about the issue in detail, I felt a cathartic feeling I’d never felt before. My rage turned to relaxation. I smiled uncontrollably. Afterwards, Sue said I would probably sleep more soundly, and I have.

Sue sent me an EFT handout which she will email to anyone upon request, ( so I memorized the release points and I use them to wind down before going to sleep. I have shared EFT tapping with friends. The release points are the mechanism, but the 20 years of experience that Sue has plus her spot-on intuitive words to help me were, I feel, pivotal in getting a permanent healing in only three minutes. As she said, “it doesn’t matter if a trauma is 50 minutes old or 50 years old, EFT works anyway.”

I now have a new way to deal with negative emotions and stress. I frequently suffer from TMJ when I go to the dentist; EFT relieves the tension and thus relieves the pain. Sue also sent me a list of over sixty peer-reviewed, published research studies and some articles and videos to share with the “skeptics.” Thank you, Sue.

L.W., a career educator

It is my pleasure to recommend Sue Hannibal. I refer patients to her from my integrative medicine practice in Solana Beach, CA. Her intuitive readings have pinpointed difficult to diagnose issues and her subsequent emotional healing work with my patients has been invaluable to them and to me. Sue is of the highest integrity and skill and I recommend her services to my professional colleagues.

Dan O. Harper, MD, Solana Beach, California

As a colleague and patient of Susan Hannibal, I’ve had the unique opportunity to collaborate, share concepts of her work and also experience the amazing results from what she does. Sue’s work has resulted in a profound shift of what I would describe as my inner state of peace, self-understanding and acceptance, a change that is seldom if ever achieved with traditional psychotherapy.

Robert Scaer, M.D. Neurologist, Boulder, Colorado, 2006

I have known Susan Hannibal since 2005. Sue is a gifted healer, teacher and author. I have referred numerous patients and friends to her, and been coached by her myself. I have attended several of her energy healing training classes for clinicians in which I’ve observed her work with my patients as well as class participants.

J.C. Bobo, M.D. Chief Psychiatrist, Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology, Clinical Research Institute, San Diego, California


Sue with Preemie Baby

In 1999, shortly after I began to practice Reiki, a universal hands-on healing modality, I was asked to work with this premature twin who was dying of liver failure due to his premature birth. At the invitation of his neonatologist, I went to the hospital every day for 12 days and gave him Reiki healing energy. After the third day, he had gained enough strength to suck a bottle, so they were able to remove the feeding line. By the last day, his liver enzymes had normalized, the jaundice had disappeared, and he was shortly released from the hospital.

I’ve since used Reiki in person and via distance healing to release extreme swelling from a knee replacement surgery, situational pain such as migraine and to calm and re-balance people who have been shocked or traumatized.

Client Testimonials

This story is from a former client who had given up a baby daughter for adoption. Names and identifying details have been changed to safeguard privacy.

Dear Sue,

I wanted to share a miraculous story in which *Stella, the daughter I connected with after 47 years, and I each have a part.

After I gave her up for adoption, no one in my family talked about it with me. In my family, such an event was considered over, done with and it was important for me to put my “mistake” in the past. I did get on with my life, however as time passed I knew that I still had a responsibility to the little girl I had passed out of my life so quickly.

While I had never regretted the decision to give her an opportunity to have a better life, I began to more fully understand the psychic connection that would always exist between us and my responsibilities as her birth mother.

So I did the one thing I knew I could do–I prayed for her. In the Catholic tradition, I began a series to novenas to Saint Thérèse. I think I chose her because she was the only saint I knew who was close in age to me. I prayed that my baby girl had been adopted by a couple who would give her all the love and support that all children deserve.

I asked Saint Thérèse to watch over her on her birthday each year and at other times when my child would come to mind.  After a while I began calling my little girl Thérèse (since I did not give her a name at birth).

Fast forward to 2017– we found each other through an adoption web site. After Stella and I had been chatting for a few weeks, I checked the calendar to see how long it had been since we first connected. I remembered that it was the first Tuesday in October. Imagine my surprise when I realized that we first emailed one another on October 3rd-the feast day of St. Thérèse! I already knew that Stella was raised Catholic and had great trust in God’s actions in her daily life so I knew I could share this connection with her.

On the phone, I began to tell her the story.  As soon as I mentioned the novenas to St. Thérèse, she began to hyperventilate and cry. Through tears, she told me that, until this moment, she did not know why she felt compelled to choose Thérèse as her Confirmation name (a sacrament of spiritual commitment in the Catholic Church) when she was 12.

She has no middle name so she is Stella Thérèse- each name given her by one of her mothers.

Over forty years of prayerful intentions and love sent by a birth mother and delivered by a heavenly messenger brought us full circle.

Social Worker Heals Childhood Trauma

Due to traumatic childhood events, it was very difficult for me to trust others. The spiritually guided intuitive reading Sue did in our first session, knowing only my name and age, was so detailed and accurate I was stunned.  As an LMFT, I’ve done lots of work with talented colleagues, but none were able to get to the depth of consciousness that the EDIT Process did. It allowed me to deeply heal childhood trauma and resolve some lingering dissociation. The healing has held. I highly recommend Sue as a skilled and compassionate healer and teacher and the EDIT Process as a powerful adjunct to any conventional psychotherapy.

Linda Erwin-Gallagher, LMFT, California 2015

Passed California BAR exam

I had major anxiety and trauma from a chaotic childhood and it was preventing me from passing the California BAR exam, but I didn’t know that was the problem. I hired tutors and tried to pass it four times over several years and kept failing. Then I heard about Sue, so after she did a reading for me by phone, I flew across the country to do a weekend healing retreat with her. We continued to do more work over the phone and when I took the exam for the fifth time in February I passed. Sue is a wonderful nurturing person and gifted intuitive healer. Working with her has changed my life. Thank you Sue!

Name withheld, California, 2004

“Put to the Test” Passed the California BAR Exam

Dear Sue,
I wanted to thank you so much for what you have done for me. I would not have passed this exam without you. Having taken this exam 5 times, you know what I went through. I am so glad to have this behind me. I highly recommend your work to everyone and in particular to people who struggle to pass exams for whatever reasons. It never occurred to me that my childhood issues (my judging, critical mother constantly “put me to the test,” which I could never pass…) would impact passing this test, but I’m convinced that healing those issues using your EDIT Process made the difference this time.

Valerie, California, 2005

Childhood Trauma and Grief Healed

Sue- When I left your office after our first appointment I was shaken by my experience. As I have reflected on that day and on our work together I have become more impressed and even more grateful for your gift and your acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s direction. My response has been that the overwhelming experiences in my life have a different ending and a different meaning than before. I am grateful for that. My friends have noticed that I am laughing more often this week. Thank you.

Name withheld, psychologist, North Carolina, 2010

Finding a Voice Lost in Childhood

Hi Sue,
Thanks for your note. It feels wonderful to feel like “I’ve graduated.” Never felt I’d be able to say that. Even though I had been through conventional therapy for years, I finally realized that there was another step I needed to take. My acupuncturist suggested that you would be able to help me. I was able to feel the layers of “crap” release during our sessions. I was grateful that you were patient with me as I faced the fears of the past and realized that my parents were really ignorant in child rearing even though they’d had five children. Through this healing process I finally found my voice and the confidence to speak. Now I am beginning to really know who I am, keeping the rubble of what has happened at the bottom and using the tools you gave me to climb with courage up the mountain one step at a time. Gratefully with a hug,

Julie, California 2006

Physical Healing—Chronic Eczema

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for helping me to heal the eczema. I’ve had it on my hands and various places on my body since I was about five and it’s been a terrible burden, very embarrassing and made me feel inferior and depressed. It really limited my life and the isolation was lonely and depressing. I went to work, but avoided dating and social situations. Your reading was spot-on accurate. I never realized how much the abuse from my father, neglect from my mother and their lack of protection from my older brother’s bullying, humiliation and abuse I felt was like torture, affected my self-esteem and health. I never felt safe at home; I lived in dread and anxiety until I finally fought back when I was big enough at 15. Thank you for giving me back control over my life.

Mike, California, 2006

Praise from a Colleague in Denmark

This “Shifting the Paradigm” PTSD video is so inspirational for a new practitioner like myself. It’s a gift to have the opportunity to watch an experienced EFT master at work. Particularly I liked how thoroughly you test his comfort level after each issue you work with. Also I like that you let him, and the viewer, know that you use your intuition, like when you decided at the beginning of session one to first clear the murder/suicide from age 10 rather than the Iraq trauma. Thank you for sharing this, Sue.

Merete Bohn Nielsen, Denmark

Depression and Anxiety Due to Childhood Trauma Heals

I have been a Social Worker for over 30 years. I have also utilized numerous methods to help me resolve the emotional pain of my childhood traumas from conventional therapies to numerous “new age” modalities. And yet, when I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis, it felt as though my entire life combined with the physical pain left me crumbling on all fronts and consumed with fear. Through my search for effective treatment, I discovered Sue. From the beginning I have been amazed with her insight, clarity, and therapeutic skill. Although I am still moving towards full healing from my physical issues, I find the emotional pain and baggage I have been dragging around all my life has dissipated. I feel a sense of strength, clarity, and hope that I am not sure I have ever had. The depression and anxiety of the past are gone. I was simply looking for relief when we started, and instead I have finally found a genuine road to peace about my life. I’ll be ever grateful for her gifts, and her willingness to share those in service.

Jane, LCSW, Midwest City, 2007

No More Nightmares

Hi Sue, Just a quick note to let you know I could tell there were positive changes right away from our 1st session. Felt/feel a bit lighter & freer, somehow. Also, WOW! I have been sleeping every night with no nightmares or bad dreams, and I previously had them almost every single night for the past several years. Now, I wake up fully refreshed, having actually “slept”. It’s been a VERY LONG time since I’ve known what that felt/feels like! I know I’ve got more to work on, but this is already very encouraging! I’m so glad I found you! Thanks for everything.

L. T. California, 2005

Emotional Balance Restored

Emotionally I feel free for the first time. I don’t feel defensive or reactive, just very present focused. My partner and I are very calm, talking really well. I don’t need him to love me. Consequently I am not manipulative with him. He feels the difference and is more open. We talk every couple of days. I’m living in the present and feel excited by life. Thank you Sue a 1000x.

Marlena, psychologist, New York State, 2016

Author/Teacher Heals Grief and Sadness

Dear Sue,
Well, yesterday– thank you literally from the bottom of my heart, where I used to reside until…yesterday. It had a different meaning then.  What transpired in our session was the most clarifying, most totally focused and free-flowing experience that ever happened, as a kid would say, in my entire life. The restoration of literally part of my soul was the most healing and relieving moment of my life. All lessons seemed to encapsulate into one, which is that healing, trust and gratitude are not only possible but actual. Very much love and the most profound appreciation of your gifts and skill.

“Mary” New York State, 2014

Negative, Limiting Beliefs, Painful Memories “De-Activated”

Dear Sue,
It’s been a month since my last phone session with you. I feel wonderful. Every area of my life has been enhanced once I started working with you. I’m feeling light, free of doubts and fears, empowered in areas of health, finances and relationships. With your guidance, I re-experienced the beginnings of foundational negative beliefs that have run my whole life—early messages–that I did not deserve love or good health, caring relationships or financial success. I didn’t think it was possible to go so deep, so far back in time. More amazing, you went directly to these core issues without me having to give you any of my history. You just knew where to go. Your strength is identifying the significant emotional blockages that hold a person back.

When I talk to friends about the healing methods that you introduced me to in the energy psychology field, it’s hard to explain how I was able to achieve such dramatic results in such a relatively short time.  Compared to more familiar types of counseling, your methods are on a whole other plane. My results far outweigh any doubts I might have had about this very different kind of therapy experience. Painful memories extending way back to early childhood were de-activated and the pain is gone. I remain grateful that you so generously share your healing gifts with the world. You helped me release the past and now I’m optimistic for a future of joy and fulfillment. You are a gifted, caring and intuitive healer/guide. Thank you.

“Helen”   psychologist, California, 2002

Phobia of Freeway Driving Released in One Session

I’ve had a fear of driving on the freeway for most of my life. Living in southern California, freeway driving is a necessity so I would force myself but I was so nervous I worried about having an accident. Sue worked with me using Thought-Field Therapy tapping and during the treatment, she determined that the root of this difficulty was an incident when I was six years old. That was cleared. After the treatment sequence for phobias which took 15 minutes I felt such relief that I knew the fear was gone. Since then, I’ve driven on the freeway with no problems and I’m driving to another state next week where I’m relocating. I would recommend “TFT” to anyone with any kind of limiting fear or phobia. Sue is a natural healer!

“Belinda” California, 2000

Psychologist Heals Severe Childhood Abuse and Dissociation

Sue, I think we may be equally frustrated with mainstream psychology/mental health. After having been in traditional therapy over a span of 14 years and not making any significant progress, these past nine weeks of work with you have resulted in substantive change in my life, including a total release from recurrent panic attacks.

I just wanted to say that I think of you as a pioneer. Traditional mainstream licensed mental health practitioners who have not yet recognized the value of your unique work and energy psychology are blind, narrow-minded and stuck in an outmoded paradigm. The phone reading you did on me was spot-on accurate. It revealed the deepest roots of my childhood trauma and tracked the subsequent painful patterns in my adult life.

Your ability to combine your spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities with conventional methods and energy work is very unusual and was highly effective for me. I suspect that my colleagues who dismiss your field and your work likely have no hope of ever taking their clients where you have taken me. Your ability to connect with the spiritual realm is a gift more real and powerful than any psychotherapeutic textbook theory.

Thank you for the session today. I felt good for the rest of the day, which was an unusual feeling.  Rescuing and recovering my four-year-old self from the past and integrating with her in present time feels almost like I made a delightful new friend.

With gratitude,
Dr. X,  psychologist, California 2011