About Sue

Welcome! I’m Sue Hannibal.  At the age of 43 my life began to unravel. I had a chronic illness, was a cancer survivor, and was struggling with clinical depression. In a nutshell, I was so far down there was nowhere to look but up, so  I called out to God, God answered, and my life took a turn I never saw coming. I was being called as an intuitive healer and that journey, although intense, brought me through the Dark Night of the Soul journey and into the path of service to others where I remain today.

You probably found my site because like millions of others, you’re looking for answers about what happened to you, why it happened, why you are the way you are as a result, and how to heal. Many of you also want to know, rightly so, why all the time and money you’ve spent in conventional mental health “counseling” and/or taking symptom-suppressing psychotropic drugs with toxic, sometimes fatal side-effects, have not made you well. Those answers are here as well.

Perhaps you’re struggling to sort out the virus programs on your internal “hard drive” which we all have. A computer virus has to be diagnosed, isolated, neutralized so it can’t mutate or reproduce, and then be removed.

On the “motherboard” inside our body/mind is also a “hard drive,” with an energetic wiring diagram than when traced, reveals the cause(s) and effect(s) of unhealed trauma, no matter how long ago, how it happened, or how long it went on. This basic “troubleshooting” concept is the first step toward healing body, mind and spirit.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” is a common complaint. My standard answer is, “let’s find out what happened to you to cause this pattern, how bad it was, what you decided or what was imprinted on you, and let’s heal that. Then the pattern(s) that are running on auto-repeat that are driving your symptoms or causing illness or dysfunction will stop.”

Spiritual Compass Book 1My second book, Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away answers these questions and provides timeless, spiritually discerned guidance followed by practical wisdom and practical strategies. It’s an Amazon best-seller with 5-Star reviews.

An intuitive reading or scan done knowing only the client’s name and age, in person or at a distance, is the first step for anyone seeking healing sessions. I am also developing a series of short videos with a workbook on subjects such as the cause and effects of clutter and hoarding, weight issues, and complex trauma in soldiers or civilians who grew up in a war zone at home.

I look forward to your feedback and questions on my blog.

Warm regards,
Sue Hannibal