New Facebook Community: Military with PTSD Out of the Kill Zone

We are announcing the launch of a new Facebook community as an international directory of resources and free or low-cost treatment for veterans and traumatized civilians who want to heal their trauma, not talk about it endlessly in counseling or suppress it with dangerous, toxic and potentially life-threatening drugs. My book of the same title (in progress) will chronicle the search for healing that eludes so many people and how they found it through this groundbreaking new field of Energy Psychology.

There’s a host of misconceptions among veterans and civilians about what constitutes healing for trauma and PTSD. The number one statement I hear is “there’s no cure for PTSD.” In the conventional psychiatric and mental health system, that’s a widely publicized true statement. Over the last 100 years or so, we as a society have gradually given up the perception of healing, which can be defined as the permanent release of symptoms, in favor of drug-induced symptom suppression and behavioral coping skills.

Relentless drug company advertising and “research” that smacks of manipulated data and suppression of adverse side-effects has contributed to this crisis in mental health care and is a factor in veteran suicides. This page will showcase safe, effective, non-drug, non-retraumatizing healing methods in the research-based scientific field of energy psychology and present true case histories of healing by the veterans and civilians who experienced these life-changing holistic therapies. We welcome your questions, concerns and shares.