This continuing education presentation to licensed therapists and drug/alcohol counselors was sponsored by Aurora Behavioral Health hospital in San Diego, California. This training addresses a common blind spot in psychotherapeutic practice regarding diagnosis of the root cause(s) of panic, phobias and dissociation. It introduces an innovative, simple, safe, non-drug diagnosis and treatment protocol.

In the U.S., 20% of visits to the ER are for repetitive panic attacks, the symptoms of which can mimic a heart attack. Symptom-suppressing anti-anxiety medications have undesirable side effects and cognitive restructuring therapy can take many sessions that often result in coping skills rather than a cure.

Metaphor language, similar to dream interpretation, is common in our culture but is not taught as a valuable diagnostic tool. Through the use of true case histories, this class shows you how to “trace the energetic signature of trauma” (how to read energy) by interpreting common body/mind metaphors to find the roots of panic attacks and phobias, then introduces an effective method to treat the dissociation that often complicates treatment of trauma/PTSD.

Run time: 90-minutes