The EDIT Process®

This new multi-dimensional healing model provides a simple, step-by-step holistic healing method that can pinpoint the spiritual, emotional or other roots, whether conscious or subconscious, of traumas, fears and/or illness. These unresolved traumas drive dysfunctional emotional patterns as well as affect physical health. Visualize a multi-faceted diamond. In order to access the brilliance and fire of the stone, it has to be cut perfectly on all sides. Any therapeutic process, such as cognitive therapy or giving drugs that only deals with one facet of the body/mind/spirit being cannot bring about full and lasting healing.

Step One: Your Physical Trauma Timeline: Self-assessment of the Physical Body

When I do an intuitive reading for a client, I pick up all sorts of information in the form of energetic imprints that form a blueprint for healing. In the ancient Sanskrit language of the Hindu tradition, a Samskara is a scar on the soul. Some of this energetic data points to physical issues, some emotional, some spiritual. Write down your physical history of pain, disease, ailments, allergies, stiffness, dysfunction, growths, injuries, operations, any abnormalities or areas of the body that are not working perfectly or are out of balance.

The causes may be hereditary, environmental or emotionally based, and it doesn’t matter at this point what the cause appears to be.

The body is a metaphor for the emotions and this is one facet of the diamond. For example, various stress-related conditions such as migraines, overwhelm, anxiety, hives, skin rashes, back and neck pain and adrenal exhaustion, manifest as a result of long-term unrelenting fear, hypervigilance, and anxiety that is fueled by unhealed shock and trauma from the past, even the distant past. The old adage that time heals all wounds is a myth. Time alone heals nothing. The body/mind is like a VCR stuck on pause. It holds the shock/trauma/freeze response until the trauma is accessed and released.

Step Two: Emotional Wound History: The Hard Drive

What are your core beliefs? What is your internal self-talk, and what are areas of resistance, fear, or self-doubt that are repetitively holding you back from health, success, achievement, doing something or going somewhere, etc. In other words, what is the writing on your internal walls? What did Mom, Dad, teachers, the nuns, the church, the culture, grandparents and any other influential people tell you of a negative manner that you believed and still believe today? What did you tell yourself after something traumatic happened? How are these beliefs limiting your life today?

Keep in mind that most emotional patterns can be traced back to five main wounds: Abandonment, Betrayal, Humiliation, Injustice and Rejection. Fear of death (annihilation, survival) is the deepest root in a trauma pattern, followed by abandonment. To a child, parental abandonment, either physically or loss of love by the parent, imprints survival fear in that child. “I’ll die if …” If there are blocks to healing or secondary gains, these can be cleared by treating what is called psychological reversal, which are blocks to healing or changing. Take note of your addictions, state of finances, relationship patterns, immunity, stress, medications, ideations of thought, compulsions, recurrent dreams or nightmares, etc.

Step Three: Harness the Energy of the Chakras for Healing

Correlate step one and two with the chakra system, and the related themes commonly associated with the chakras. The 1st or root chakra, located at the base of the spine governs issues of survival and physical safety. The 2nd chakra located in the navel, governs external power in relationships, (power struggles) money, sex, creativity. The 3rd, chakra, located in the solar plexus, governs identity, self-esteem, confidence and personal power. The 4th chakra is in the heart and it governs matters of the heart; love, compassion, betrayal, heartbreak. The 5th chakra, in the throat, governs will, choice and literally the voice, as in speaking up for oneself. The 6th chakra, aka third eye, is in the forehead and is concerned with issues of the mind and clairvoyance. The 7th chakra is located at the crown of the head, governing one’s connection to the divine. Cross-reference any physical challenges or conditions in a chakra located in the physical body with the emotional themes also connected to that chakra. Connections will begin to emerge as you connect the dots.

Step Four: Archetypal Patterns

An archetype is a pervasive pattern of behavior in yourself or toward others. It’s generally so pervasive that you will see it act up in many areas of your life. For example, if you have been victimized and abused in childhood, you might have the archetype of the victim, and you will see victimization scenarios showing up in your life. For example, people you love and/or trust might betray you, people will take advantage of you, you’ll be cheated out of money or a promotion; you might attract perpetrators, perhaps even be the victim of a crime. See if you can identify any of the archetypes operating in your life.

Step Five: Healing with EFT and Energy Medicine

Healing with EFT can be done alone, but most people need a coach to guide and support them on their journey. We will begin by using the reading as a blueprint for healing, cross-referenced with your trauma timeline. Keep in mind that with EFT and other energy healing techniques, it’s not necessary to treat every single thing that ever happened, even multiple incidents of terrible abuse and trauma.

The body/mind is like a fuse box. If you go out the garage and yank out one fuse the entire kitchen might go  dark. I have helped people heal themselves of years of abuse or combat trauma in this manner. Along the way, we will clear the negative, limiting core beliefs that were identified in steps one and two. One needs to make sure there are no imprinted root chakra messages about not deserving or wanting to live, or being unworthy of being born, for example.

It’s important to remember that the absence of pain does not equal healing. By that I mean that in order to move forward from trauma, to see positive changes in your life, relationships and health, you must install some positive beliefs to take the place of the negative ones Using guided imagery and creative visualization, install beliefs (positive sentences that you write down) as well as positive imagery to involve both hemispheres of the brain in your healing. Use EFT to tap them in.

For example, if you cleared your mother telling you that you were stupid and no one would ever love you, and that issue is now a 0 on the 0-10 intensity scale, you’d want to craft a positive sentence ie. “I’m intelligent, loveable and I have a lot of good qualities” and tap that in, while visualizing a 3-D movie of what that would look like in your life. Visualization is a very powerful manifesting and healing technique, but you have to clear any doubt first. Jesus taught, “Believe that you have already received what you ask for in prayer…”

Step Six: Consider that Past-Life Trauma May be at the Root of Your Illness or Phobia

Some people feel the leftover remnants of what appear to be past lives. I can’t prove that past lives exist, but it is fascinating to help people process old trauma that they recall, and then notice the healing that takes place in their present lives once that old trauma is cleared. Some fears and phobias appear to be “bleed-throughs” from past lives. For example, the client will say “I’ve always been afraid of water, since my earliest memory.” Assuming that they never had a near-drowning experience in this life, and there’s nothing to indicate anything happened when they were infants, they may have drowned in a previous life. A person trained in regression techniques can take you back into a past lifetime to see if they can access the problem and clear it. I have a chapter in my book, Spiritual Compass about clients who have healed themselves through dealing with issues that happened in a past-life.

There have also been traumas tied to near death experiences, the birth process, the time in the womb, not being wanted, being the “wrong” gender when parents wanted the other one, incarnation into this life, etc.