Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away will enrich your life and open your mind. It begins with an autobiographical account of the author’s own painful journey through the “Dark Night of the Soul,” a spiritual crisis that readers whose lives have been upended by a spiritual calling may recognize. Like a tuning fork that resonates perfect pitch, 38 channeled essays bracketed by practical wisdom and practical strategies from the author’s nearly two decades of private practice convey unvarnished universal Truths with a capital “T.”

Part II takes you into the healing room to witness cases of food allergies and hoarding rooted in past-lives, eight years of panic attacks from a traumatic birth, a case of multiple personality disorder and 27 years of phantom limb pain in an amputee that released in one session.

The journey of self-resurrection is preceded by accurate self-assessment and followed by deep healing. As the journey unfolds, clients arrive in present time centered, grounded and at peace, embracing their recovered identity, voice, and power. You might see yourself and others in this first volume of the Spiritual Compass series, which is at times startling, always direct and is peppered with nuggets of scriptural truth that support your journey of renewal of mind, body and spirit.