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  • Beyond Reason: Using Metaphor Language to Diagnose the Roots of Panic, Phobias, Dissociation and Trauma


    This continuing education presentation to licensed therapists and drug/alcohol counselors was sponsored by Aurora Behavioral Health hospital in San Diego, California. This training addresses a common blind spot in psychotherapeutic practice regarding diagnosis of the root cause(s) of panic, phobias and dissociation. It introduces an innovative, simple, safe, non-drug diagnosis and treatment protocol.

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  • Tapping Into Wellness: Energy Medicine for the 21st Century


    This 90-minute video, produced by Palomar College, introduces viewers to EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, a safe, innovative, holistic, user-friendly, mind/body self-healing method that anyone, even children, can use. Trauma, Fears/Phobias and even Chronic Pain that used to take months or years of traditional treatment can now heal completely in a fraction of that time with little or no upset.

    Watch the free video trailer for a 2+ minute sample.

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