Yoga is Not Against the Law in Encinitas, CA Judge Rules

One ultra-conservative Christian couple here in San Diego tried to use the legal system to force their narrow beliefs on an entire community and school system.

That’s what extremist Muslims who believe in Sharia law are trying to do, minus the bloodletting. Yoga is an exercise, not a Hindu belief system, unless one practices it as such. And there’s the tipping point. Intention. Years ago one of my more conservative Christian friends showed up at my house to give me her box of Christmas ornaments and decorations because some pastor had told his flock that celebrating Christmas is rooted in pagan rituals.

Maybe it was at one time, but who cares now as long as WE celebrate Christmas as honoring the birth of Christ? I told her I would save the box for her and after she did some research I would return it. She did and I did. Check your intention and motivation when making decisions. Your truth is not everyone’s truth.…/yoga-not-against-law-encinitas-schools-j…