School Shooters: Insecure, Scared and Craving Power

School shooters crave an outer form of power because they have not been taught how to develop a strong sense self and personal power to fuel and guide the development of their personalities. They dwell on the negative; some glorify brutal monsters like Adolph Hitler, which feeds their sickness. These children are like the lost sheep. They have departed from the safety of the flock and are wandering alone, trying to fend for themselves in a hostile and dangerous world.

The moral code of a society can be measured by how well it treats its oldest and youngest members. On this point, America is failing miserably. Parents are busy and some don’t have the time or energy to spend getting to know their children, their children’s friends, and really keeping their finger on the pulse of their child’s life. This is a grave mistake, as the statistics on teen pregnancy, teen suicide and this rash of alarming school shootings attest to. These kids are crying out for a safe haven in the midst of an assault by advertisers, movie makers and society at large for them to grow up too soon.

The churches are strangely silent as this epidemic of violence threatens to swallow up an entire generation. Where are the spiritual leaders of all faiths? They may show up briefly in public, with platitudes and prayers, but where is the outreach to the communities that they and their people serve? How sad and ironic that the same groups who rally against abortion do or say little or nothing as the children around them kill.