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  • Beyond Reason: Using Metaphor Language to Diagnose the Roots of Panic, Phobias, Dissociation and Trauma


    This continuing education presentation to licensed therapists and drug/alcohol counselors was sponsored by Aurora Behavioral Health hospital in San Diego, California. This training addresses a common blind spot in psychotherapeutic practice regarding diagnosis of the root cause(s) of panic, phobias and dissociation. It introduces an innovative, simple, safe, non-drug diagnosis and treatment protocol.

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  • Spiritual Compass


    This book will resonate deeply with the both the spiritual seeker called to a path of service and in need of guidance as well as those who’ve been chasing healing, sometimes for years, but have not found it through conventional psychiatry or psychotherapy. It provides possible answers to the questions “Why am I here?” “Why is this happening to me?”

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  • Tapping Into Wellness: Energy Medicine for the 21st Century


    This 90-minute video, produced by Palomar College, introduces viewers to EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, a safe, innovative, holistic, user-friendly, mind/body self-healing method that anyone, even children, can use. Trauma, Fears/Phobias and even Chronic Pain that used to take months or years of traditional treatment can now heal completely in a fraction of that time with little or no upset.

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  • Intuitive Diagnosis: The Art of Reading Energy Through Body/Mind Metaphors


    This five-page list of mind/body diagnostic metaphors will allow you to self-diagnose through symbolic interpretation, similar to dream analysis. Metaphor language  frequently reveals the hidden roots of physical dysfunctions and illnesses that seem to have no physical cause or that do not respond to medical or psychiatric interventions.

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