You may be a civilian who grew up in a war zone at home, or a combat veteran or law enforcement officer who was or still is constantly exposed to trauma. Maybe you want to know why all the time, energy and money you’ve spent in counseling and/or taking symptom-suppressing psychotropic drugs with dangerous, sometimes fatal side-effects, have not made you well. Those answers are here.

In my field of energy psychology, we define healing as the absence of painful symptoms and disruptive triggers, not gaining insights and coping skills to help you manage them. Internationally respected trauma expert and psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk,  says, “Insight heals nothing.”

In other words, with energy-based techniques, the emotionally charged trauma imprints lodged in the brain and body become emotionally neutral memories when treated and released.

The first step toward fixing anything, whether it’s a misfiring engine or a traumatized person, is trouble shooting, aka diagnosis. Troubleshooting is a step-by-step process of connecting the dots and tracing a problem to the root(s). It’s not the same as diagnosing a disease or mental health condition. Only a doctor, psychologist or licensed mental health clinician can diagnose.

Imagine a computer hard drive, or to use an electrical metaphor, imagine the complex wiring diagram for a large fuse box. It’s necessary to trace the “energetic signature” of trauma, aka the theme, in order to find the root(s) just like an electrician would trace a damaged circuit to find the shorted out wires or a bad fuse. Once the root problem is found, the circuit that is causing emotional and/or physical dysfunction has to be repaired or replaced.  It doesn’t matter how long ago the damage happened. The circuit won’t work properly until it’s fixed. The body/mind will not rebalance and heal unless the root cause(s) of emotional trauma and/or physical dysfunction is found and healed.

After guided self-treatment using one of the energy psychology methods which are available to anyone with no special training needed, the emotional charge on a single traumatic memory can sometimes release in moments. Immediately afterwards, you can test what just healed by recalling the issue. What you’ll find is that you feel little to nothing about it anymore; no more sadness, anger, fear, etc. You feel relieved, calm and relaxed and any tension in the body that was there before treatment releases as well.  Once an issue is treated, it doesn’t come back. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it. Not this time.

Spiritual Compass Book 1My second book, Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away, explains the hidden connections between what happened to you and why you are the way you are. This book is based on my nearly 20 years of private practice with thousands of people. It provides timeless, spiritually discerned guidance followed by practical wisdom and use-it-now practical strategies. It’s an Amazon best-seller with 5-Star reviews.

I am also developing a series of short videos with workbooks on subjects such as the causes and effects of clutter and hoarding, and complex trauma in soldiers or civilians who grew up in a warzone at home. My third book, Out of the Kill Zone: True Stories of Healing from Troops, Cops and Civilians Caught in the Crossfire, is in progress.